Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Morrisania Healthy Lifestyles Fair - The Healing Project Table

The Healing Project participated in Morrisania Neighborhood Healthy Lifestyles Fair. The fair brings together dozens of organizations seeking to improve health care outcomes in the South Bronx and throughout New York City.

Adele Lonas and Melissa Marr supervised hundreds of children in creating Fruit block prints. The Fruity Tales program is characterized by our students getting their hands dirty (many parents also got their hands dirty which is another characteristic of the Fruity Tales program). Youngsters were encouraged to use potatoes that had been carved in relief to act as printing blocks. When dipped in paint and applied to paper, the potato would produce impressions of various fruits and vegatables.

The children kept their work as a memento of the experience.

The classes have proven so popular that all three classes currently available in both the Bronx and Queens (hosted by Hour Children in Long Island City) are filled to capacity. There is a wait list for the autumn Fruity Tales classes in both the Bronx and Queens. If you would like to sponsor a class contact Melissa Marr at The Healing Project.

Donations are also accepted online at the Network for Good.

September is National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month

September is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Because it is "back to school" month for most children, the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America wants the public to reflect on the children and the adults whose lives, education and careers have been affected by this disease. The observance originated in 1975 when the Association and its Member Organizations began conducting month long events to call attention to sickle cell disease and the need to address the problem at national and local levels.

The Association and its Member Organizations sponsored public educational programs and fund raising activities during the month. State and local government officials issue Sickle Cell Month proclamations and are introduced to local poster children.

The tradition of selecting a National Poster Child from local candidates began in 1976 with President Gerald Ford greeting the first winner at the White House. Presidents' Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton have also greeted the National Poster Child.

The effort to have Sickle Cell Month officially recognized at all levels succeeded in 1983 when the House of Representatives unanimously passed the resolution, introduced by the Congressional Black Caucus, asking President Reagan to designate September as "National Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month." The President signed the resolution in August of 1983.

For educational materials to display during Sickle Cell Awareness Month call (800) 421-8453 or e-mail your request to For information on activities sponsored by your local SCDAA Member Organization.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer afflicts 1 in 6 men, it is time do something about it. Earlier detection is the key to a long life. If you have already been diagnosed, please consider particpating in a clinical trial.

For more information contact:

National Prostate Cancer Coalition
1154 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
(888) 245-9455
(202) 463-9455
(202) 463-9456 Fax

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The Healing Project wants to remind our community that while great strides have been made in the treatment of childhood cancers there is an an enormous need for contiued and focused research to find a cure for these diseases. It requires both money and parents to permit there children to particpate in clinical trials.

The purpose of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is to bring attention to childhood cancer and survivorship issues across the continent. Candlelighters asks its members and friends to contact local media outlets to bring these matters to the attention of the press. Although it has historically been hard to get articles about childhood cancer in newspapers and magazines, we think that personalized letters from parents in individual communities might help turn the tide.

For more information, click here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Fruity Tales Spring Class Exhibition Presents Young Artists' Work to the South Bronx

The Fruity Tales Spring Class Presents an Exhibition of Orginal Art

Over 60 young artists, parents, staff members and community members joined the The Healing Project and Morrisania WIC at Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center located at 1225 Gerard Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452 to view the works created by our First Fruity Tales Class.

Fruity Tales is program that is led by gifted fine artist Adele Lonas. The curriculum was designed by Adele Lonas and Melissa Marr of The Healing Project for three to eight-year-olds. The class combines heath education, painting, folklore and story telling to encourage better nutrition within a culturally stimulating atmosphere. The class is taught in both English and Spanish and parents are welcome to attend. Free tutoring, outside of regular class time, is also offered to interested students.

Melissa Marr, President of The Healing Project, and the Management of Morrisania WIC introduce the 1st Fruity Tales Art exhibition.

Pictured left to right Gail Rosenblat (Senior Assoc. Exec. Director, Morrisania); Dr. Carlos Rivera (Dir. of Pediatrics); Dr. Judith Flores (Medical Director); Melissa Marr; Frances Franzone (Assoc. Dir. of Nursing); Theresa Landau (Senior Assoc. Dir., WIC Prgogram)

Adele Lonas presents Certificates of Achievement to her young charges.

Pictured left to right Silvia (mother); Norma (mother) with
Emily; Adele Lonas; with their backs turned:Kate, Clara and Saul (students)

The Morrisania Fruity Tales Spring Graduating Class.

Pictured left to right: Front row-Evelyn, Kate (with Emily in front of her),
Saul, Gabriela, Jordi, Emely, Vivian, Itzel, Nancy, Johnny, Ashley (the baby) Second row- Rut, Francisca, Joel, Marta, myself, Silvia, Nicole, Flor, Sandra, Lidia, Micaela

Selected works of the Spring Fruity Tales Class.

This program is sponsored by The WIC Program at Morrisania and The Healing Project; and co-sponsored by Theresa Landau and fine artist, Danny Simmons.

The Healing Project wishes to thank the young artists, parents, volunteers, co-sponsors, the staff of Morrisania WIC and especially Adele Lonas. We expect great things from the children. They have demonstrated a voracious appetite to learn and a will to tell their stories through art. Well done, Morrisania Class #1.

The classes have proven so popular that all three classes currently available in both the Bronx and Queens (hosted by Hour Children in Long Island City) are filled to capacity. If you would like to sponsor a class contact Melissa Marr at The Healing Project.

Donatations are also accepted online at the Network for Good.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Morrisania WIC Healthy Lifestyles Fair - Wednesday August 29th

Morrisania Neighborhood Family Health Center
Healthy Families: Generation to Generation

FIT WIC Bounce

Free Pony Rides

1225 Gerard Ave.
Between 167th and 168th Street
Bronx, NY 10452

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information
Call us at
718-960-2805/ 2810/ 2779

En Espanol

Morrisania WIC Feria Para un Estilo de Vida Saludable

Morrisania Centro de Salud Comunitario par alas
Familias Saluda: De Generacion en Generaioncoin

Venga a Salta
Taller de Cocina

Paseo en Pony Gratis

1225 Gerard Ave.
entre 167 y 168
Bronx, NY 10452

Miercolos, Agosto 29, 2007
de 11:00 a.m. a 3:00 p.m.

The New York Times continues its wonderful series, The Six Killers

The New York Times is running a series that offers in-depth coverage into the diseases that cause the highest rate of death for Americans. It is a worthwhile read whether one is afflicted or not afflicted with diabetes.

Looking Past Blood Sugar to Survive With Diabetes

Tips to Help Patients Manage Their Care

Obesity May Be Only One Piece of Diabetes Puzzle

An Increase in Diagnoses May Not Mean a Higher Rate of the Disease, a Survey Shows

Taking Diabetes to Heart - Video

Subscrption to the online edition of the The New York Times is free.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The FDA and Access to Developmental Drugs: Is Undo Caution Costing Lives?

The Healing Project wishes to call attention to a commentary piece published in the Wall Street Journal of August 14th authored by RONALD L. TROWBRIDGE and STEVEN WALKER volunteers for Abilgail’s Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs.

The commentary highlights that a 12 pharmaceutical compounds that were not available for chronically and end-of-life patients in the last six years that were later approved by FDA. The delay in availability has shortened 1MM lives.

Further, the FDA has used approvable letters to delay the introduction of numerous drugs, driving up the costs of production and delaying the time-to-market.

With due respect to the FDA, when people are dying or so debilitated that life is abject, common sense would demand some degree of latitude. The safety at all costs mentality is childish and dangerous. More people die of food poisoning every year than die from ethical pharmaceuticals. While the agency and the Congress will point its finger at Vioxx, it should be noted for patients that cannot tolerate NSAIDs such Aspirin and Ibuprofen; COX-2 inhibitors make life tolerable.

If we confine the argument to science, science would argue given a known outcome (death/debilitation) and informed consent patients (your ingestion of this drug is experimental), should have the opportunity to purchase drugs that may offer them some potential benefit. Furthermore, the FDA should be forbidden to use data from these dying and debilitated patients to negatively impact the registration application of a given pharmaceutical. No company would elect to sell any compound in development for fear of the caprice of the agency’s bureaucrats.

Abigail’s Alliance continues to fight court battles and support legislation to open access to promising pharmaceuticals, and The Healing Project supports them.

If you would like to help write a letter, or drop an e-mail or call your Representative and/or Senator and demand that legislation be passed to open access to developmental drugs.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The US Life Expectantcy is 41st in the World. Now, what to do immediately.

The citizens of the United States are living longer than ever, but not as long as people in 41 other countries. The United States dropped 31 places in the last ten years from 11th to 42nd place in life-expectancy.

Continuing a depressing long-term trend, the United States has been sliding in international rankings of life expectancy, as other countries improve rates infant mortality, health care, nutrition and lifestyles.

The United States ranks below Japan, most of Europe, and such countries as Jordan and the Cayman Islands.

The US life expectancy is now 77.9 which trails leader Andorra by 5 ½ years. While the lack of universal health insurance is certainly part of the equation it fails to explain our dismal progress.

Other contributing factors include:

Two-thirds of the US adult population is overweight and one-third obese.

African-Americans have an average life expectancy of 73.3 years and African-American males have a life expectancy of 69.8 years. African-Americans tragically have a rate of infant mortality 13.7 for African-Americans, more than double the national average.

Infant mortality is extraordinary high in comparison to other industrialized countries. 40 countries including Cuba and Taiwan have lower infant mortality rates than the US.

A health care system geared toward responding to illness instead of preventing it.

The Healing Project hopes that the US Federal and US State governments will offer all Americans the opportunity to obtain reasonably priced health insurance. However, the provision of insurance in and of itself will not significantly increase the health of the US population.

The Healing Project advocates:

People enhance their lifestyle and nutrition. Eating better, losing weight, controlling cholesterol and exercise have profound positive effects on medical outcomes;

People stop smoking. It is not only positive for one’s health but also positive for the pocket book;

People moderate alcohol consumption and eliminate the use of illicit substances. While moderate alcohol consumption has demonstrated positive health outcomes, the abuse of alcohol and the consumption of illicit substances have demonstrated negative effects on long-term physical and mental health;

People should take advantage of all opportunities to screen for cancers. Early detection is the key to a positive outcome. The Healing Project continues to update national and local disease screening programs. Most programs are free or low-cost, so take advantage of them;

People should comply with taking their medications as directed by their Doctors. If one cannot afford medications, please see the left-hand column for low-cost and free medication programs;

People who are diabetic or pre-diabetic must carefully adjust their lifestyles to account for the disease they afflicted with. Type II diabetes is controllable but it requires discipline and conviction to take the necessary steps to deal with the disease; and

People should ensure that their children are fully vaccinated and that their children’s vaccinations are up-to-date. Further, during Flu season everyone eligible, especially those at-risk, should take a shot. Free and low-cost vaccinations options are available nationally so there is no excuse. Herd immunity protects us all.

None of these actions relies on government actions or a change in the fabric of the US health care system. Our US community must take its health care into its own hands and avail itself of measures within its span of control to improve its outcomes.

Monday, August 6, 2007

National Immunization Awareness Month

The Healing Project wishes to call attention to National Immunization Awareness Month. Vaccinations are not only important to individuals but also the community at-large. Herd immunity protects us all.

If you are unable or someone you know is unable to afford vaccinations, free and reduced cost vaccinations are available throughout the United States.

The Healing Project acknowledges that many people are concerned about the possible adverse-effects of immunization, particularly in children. While ingesting any substance has its risks, the benefits of vaccinations greatly out way the risks. Finally, we are also aware that members of are community are concerned that vaccinations may result in Autism. Careful scientific studies not only in the United States but also throughout the world have not demonstrated any causal relationship between vaccination and Autism. Please see a qualified health provider and see your children are vaccinated before they return to school.

National Immunization Program
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Road NE, MS E-05
Atlanta, GA 30333
(800) 232-2522
(800) CDC-INFO (232-4636) English/Spanish
(888) 232-6348 TTY
(888) CDC-FAXX (232-3299) Free fax-back

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Fruity Tales Spring Class Presents an Exhibition of Orginal Art

The Healing Project invites our entire community to join us at Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center located at 1225 Gerard Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452.

These young artists under the extraordinary tutelage of Adele Lonas have produced an extraordinary range of art that will dazzle and captivate the viewer.

This program is sponsored by The WIC Program at Morrisania and The Healing Project; and co-sponsored by Theresa Landau and fine artist, Danny Simmons.

To view the complete invitation click here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

World Breast Feeding Week August 1-7

The Healing Project supports World's Breast Feeding Week. The benefits of breast feeding, while not fully understood, are myriad not only affecting the individual in its infancy but also throughout his or her entire life.

What is World Breastfeeding Week?
World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is August 1st – 7th and celebrates the signing of the Innocenti Declaration** on the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding. It is celebrated in 120 countries on various dates.

* According to WABA, "Initiation of breastfeeding within the 1st hour of birth is the first and most vital step towards reducing infant and under-five mortality, by reducing the overwhelmingly high neonatal mortality rate."

** The Innocenti Declaration was produced and adopted in 1990 by participants at the WHO/UNICEF meeting on “Breastfeeding in the 1990s: A Global Initiative.” The document lists the benefits of breastfeeding, plus global and governmental goals.

For information about events contact the Laleche League.