Thursday, May 10, 2007

National Women's Check-up Day May 14th

The Healing Project wants you to take some time out and remind the women of our community to make sure to take care of themselves. If you are a male member of our community; remind your mom, wife, sisters and daughters to make an appointment for a regular check-up.

My Check-Up Day Pledge
As a participant in National Women's Check-Up Day, I will:

1) use the interactive check-up wizard to get an idea of the types of screenings I may need;
2) contact my doctor or nurse to discuss these and other tests or screenings I may need to get now;
3) schedule an appointment for at least one of these preventive screenings to occur within the next 90 days; and

I will celebrate a healthier me and a healthierUS.

Act on the Pledge

1) Download the Checklist for Your Next Check-Up.
2) Contact your health provider or locate a federally qualified community health center.
3) Print out your National Women's Check-Up Day Pledge Certificate to display in your home.
4) Become a pledge driver by sending an e-card to important women in your life inviting them to take the pledge.
5) Track your community's progress.

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