Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sun Safety is not only for Adults but also for Children

Enjoying the outdoors is something we all like to do, whether as part of family activities, participating in sports, or simply walking and enjoying nature and the sunshine.

While the sun is important to our environment, too much may not be good for you and your children. In fact, overexposure to the sun's UV radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer. Why is this important?

One serious childhood sunburn could trigger skin cancer in later years.
Skin cancer incidence rates are growing the fastest of all cancers.
More than two cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every minute.
1.3 million new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year.
The bad news is, one person dies every hour from skin cancer. The good news is, skin cancer is preventable.

To beat the odds of developing skin cancer, the Sun Safety Alliance is launching Mothers & Others Against Skin Cancer, in partnership with The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. The Sun Safety Alliance is also collaborating with The Entertainment Industries Council to beat the odds of developing skin cancer.

Sun Safety Public Service Announcement

For information regarding free year round screenings on the following link American Academy of Dermatology
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