Friday, December 28, 2007

Scientists Still Don’t Understand Alzheimer’s or How to Treat It.

Terry McDermott of the the LA Times wrote an extremely cogent article outlining the failures in both characterizing Alzheimer’s disease and discovering a cure.

The Healing Project firmly believes that the NIH, NIMH, the pharmaceutical industry, research centers, foundations and diseased-based not-for-profits must radically rethink the strategies for funding Alzheimer’s research, treatment and drug discovery. The lack of progress in dealing with the disease can be traced to cabal of leaders that dominate these organizations. Their resistance to novel approaches to curing Alzheimer’s has set back the field more than two decades due to their slavish, near religious, devotion to particular scientific theories that many have had vested interests in promoting. It is time this generation is replaced by better leaders and scientists more interested in treating the disease than burnishing their own reputations.

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