Thursday, February 28, 2008

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Head injury is commonly associated with falls and automobile accidents. In addition, a large cohort of new type of head trauma resulting from injuries suffered during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan Wars is being presented by its veterans (the number and extent of these injuries remains un-researched and unknown). The field of trauma research and rehabilitation demands our support.

Take some time this month to learn more about Brain Injury and its consequences.

How many people suffer from TBI?

Of the 1.4 million who sustain a TBI each year in the United States:
50,000 die; 235,000 are hospitalized; and 1.1 million are treated and released from an emergency department.1

The number of people with TBI who are not seen in an emergency department or who receive no care is unknown.

What causes Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

The leading causes of TBI are:
Falls (28%);
Motor vehicle-traffic crashes (20%);
Struck by/against (19%); and
Assaults (11%).
Source: BIA
War related head trauma - unknown

For More Information:
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