Friday, October 3, 2008

October 4 is Sarcoidosis Awareness Day

No one knows yet what causes Sarcoidosis. Some physicians believe that Sarcoidosis may result from a respiratory infection caused by a virus. Others feel that exposure to toxins or allergens in the environment are to blame. Most scientists do agree that Sarcoidosis is a disorder of the immune system, with some people vulnerable to getting the disease while the majority of the population remains healthy and unaffected.

Sarcoidosis Awareness Day
National Sarcoidosis Society, Inc. and Affiliates
2525 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 567-6626
(312) 567-6144 Fax
Materials available
Contact: Glenda Fulton


Diamond~Star said...

My organization has adopted a local chapter of Sarcaidosis this year in hopes to spread the awareness about the disease. I learned about this disease two years ago when a young lady who has the disease wanted to set up a table at our Easter Egg Hunt. She has been representing Sarcaidosis of the Midlands for two years at our event and now we are officially adopting them as our sponsored cause. We hope to learn more and be able to spread awareness across the community.

Anonymous said...

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