Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aspirin Cuts Risk of Common Form of Breast Cancer

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute published finding today that affirmed aspirins reputation as a wonder drug. A daily administration of aspirin reduced the risk of developing ER- positive breast cancer by 16%. ER-positive breast cancer represents approximately 75% of all breast cancer cases in women. This confirms earlier studies conducted by Columbia University researchers.

The research involved about 127,000 women aged 51 to 72 from around the United States who were cancer-free when the study began. About 18 percent of the women were daily aspirin users. They were tracked for seven years and about 4,500 of them developed breast cancer.

Aspirin has long been administered for its analgesic qualities and it has long been used to treat cardiac and hematological conditions. Further it has also demonstrated that it may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Before electing to take aspirin daily one should discuss it with your healthcare provider due to adverse reactions that are associated with daily administration. The complete study can be reviewed online.

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