Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows PREMIERES ON PBS MAY 21, 2008

The Healing project wishes to alert the community about the presentation of DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows premiering on PBS. Depression and related disorders touch almost every family. THere is no reason to be ashamed and there is help. Both talk-therapy and pharmaceutical interventions can help many, if not most, patients. It is OK to seek help and get treatment.

About the Program
A lot of Americans are keeping an important, possibly deadly secret.
The National Institute of Mental Health reports that approximately 18.8 million American adults have a depressive disorder. The disease is not discriminating, seeping into all age, race, gender, and socioeconomic groups. Depression stalls careers, strains relationships, and sometimes ends lives.

So if this many people are living with the disease, why the silence? DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows is a multi-dimensional PBS project that explores the disease's complex terrain, offering a comprehensive and timely examination of this devastating disorder.

The first component of the project is a 90-minute documentary, premiering May 21, 2008, at 9:00 pm ET (check local listings). By weaving together the science and treatment of depression with intimate portrayals of families and individuals coping with its wide-ranging effects, the film raises awareness and eliminates the stigma surrounding this prevalent disease, underscoring the fact that whether we are battling it in our families, our workplaces, or in our own minds, depression touches everyone.

Through the voices and stories of people living with depression, the film provides a portrait of the disease never before seen on American television. Along with consumers, DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows also follows acclaimed scientists as they describe the latest neurological research and groundbreaking new treatments for depression. Following the film, broadcast journalist Jane Pauley will host a 30-minute roundtable discussion titled TAKE ONE STEP: Caring for Depression, with Jane Pauley in which nationally acclaimed experts will offer advice on recognizing and treating depression.

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