Saturday, May 17, 2008

Voices of Autism, scheduled for release this month, received its first rave review from Library Journal

From the Library Journal:

The fifth entry in the “Voices” anthology project from The Healing Project, this work includes over 40 different stories and vignettes written by parents, teachers, and people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) that showcase how families and caregivers measure perseverance, understanding, and success. Many of the selections stand out, including an author’s account of her autistic son, a seventh grader’s perspective on her two siblings with autism, a memoir by an adult with autism who relied on a tire advertisement to get through tough times, and an account of the challenges of dating an adult with Asperger’s. The book’s real strengths are the adult-penned passages, which will give readers a better sense of what autism truly is. Taken individually, the stories show glimpses of the impact that autism has on individuals and those they love. Taken collectively, they paint a rich landscape that many will find familiar. Highly recommended for public libraries and academic libraries with disability collections.—Corey Seeman, Kresge Business Administration Library, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Voices of Autism can be ordered at Amazon. Profits from the "Voices of Book Series" go to support The Healing Project.

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